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What is a Clubs ALIVE! app?

Despite all the information on our website and contained within the eBrochure, the number one question we get asked in sales presentations is, “What exactly is the Clubs ALIVE! app?”

The best explanation in lay-person terms is that we have created a platform so Clubs can have their own custom app with their own branding, colour scheme and information about their own Club all contained within their own easily found and downloadable mobile phone app listed and referred to by the own Club name. In essence, it is no different to a Club going out and having their own app built.

We even include a web portal or better described as an online web browser Management site so that Clubs have the ability to manage their own Club app. This feature alone has huge advantages to Clubs. Marketing people employed by the Club can login, change the details about a promotion, event or special and within a couple of minutes, that change propagates across all of the apps sitting on members phones. There is no need to engage an expensive third party IT Service company to make the changes to your own app. For Club Managers, this is a considerable cost saving. We have designed the Web Management Portal to be simple to navigate, easy to understand and not cluttered with useless tools or complication.

So what makes the Clubs ALIVE! app different to others?

We did the Rewards. We listened to Clubs and they told us how critical the member Rewards schemes were within their Club. They told us how the vast majority of their marketing strategies are geared around points rewards and they wanted better visibility and improved features when dealing with members Rewards.

The Clubs ALIVE! way is to deliver the points balance right there on the mobile phone so members can see how many points they have, how many they need to attain the next level of reward from the Club and in the very near future, we will deliver mechanisms so members can spend their Rewards point on merchandise, services and dining within the Club. We believe this feature alone sets us aside from others deliver purely an information based presence as part of a generic Clubs Industry portal app.

Get in touch with us and fins out how a Clubs ALIVE! built app for your Club can make a difference and add value to your member’s Club experience.


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