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Mobile Phone Apps are Changing our Future

Like it or not, the emergence over the last two years of a more mobile computing and Internet experience is changing our lives forever. But just as television influenced what we bought, delivering content to subscribers or in our case, members over mobile Internet is set to become the normal and logical way to communicate with your membership.

As recently as 10 years ago, to mention to an RSL or Leagues Club board that they needed a website, would have been met with the response “What for?” A simple search of the Internet for Clubs now and it is very difficult to find a Club that does not have a website or web presence of some type. Here we are in 2012 and the Internet or more specifically, the way we consume the Internet is vastly different to that which prevailed only five years ago.

Our members have the Internet in their pocket and by the time they have read their email, browsed a few sites, run a couple of apps, a very large majority now have little or no need to start up the home computer and start searching for information. Shopping, bookings, information of all types is being consumed on the mobile phone or tablet computers these days. The world now has over 5 billion mobile devices all consuming data and delivering that data to us very day of the year.

Not so long ago, to have suggested to an RSL Club that they needed a mobile marketing strategy would have been met with the typical, “our members don’t use those things!” response. That has changed dramatically. As the population ages and as more senior Australians increasingly wish to engage with ever more mobile siblings and grandchildren, the need to get on-board or remain in the dark has seen the number of over 60 year old members with smartphones increasing by the day. What is great about that is that companies like Apple made it as simple as possible and the grandchildren actually perform the quasi IT Support and Training role within the household.

The future is changing and that just means we have to change to meet the demands and competition in our industries to survive. The Clubs ALIVE! built mobile phone app is just a part of that future for Clubs and a platform into the future that mobile technologies is bringing.


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