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Partnership to Enhance and Deliver Mobile Application Platform

ClubsAlive and iApps Australia are proud to announce their recent partnership!

Since developing the initial application for ClubsAlive, iApps have maintained an operational interest in the ClubsAlive company. Through recent negotiations, iApps have gained increased ownership of the platform. This has enabled iApps to engage its expertise in development, sales and marketing to drive and deliver the Application Platform to the widest possible market.

Recent development of new and enhanced features, a revised pricing policy and a targeted marketing approach has been instrumental to an increase in adoption and sales within Clubs throughout Australia.

“iApps is excited to partner with ClubsAlive and help further develop, enhance and market the Application Platform. We believe this is an outstanding product that we can help reach a global market” – Rick Hoy, CEO iApps Australia Pty Ltd.

ClubsAlive sets itself apart from other less sophisticated competitor products through its ability to integrate and synchronise with the wide range of clubs rewards points providers – offering members the ability to view and redeem their loyalty points in real time within the application. Other dynamic features of the native, cross platform application include; push notifications, voucher delivery, event and promotion scheduling, courtesy bus booking, and much more.

ClubsAlive looks forward to growing its partnership with iApps to ensure the ClubsAlive Mobile Application Platform remains the leading Application of it’s type available to Clubs around Australia.


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