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Our Mission

Our goal is to create a Club marketing system that engages Club members with their local club in a way that only the latest and most creative mobile technology solutions can achieve.

This unique concept of building a custom, branded mobile phone app that the Clubs in Australia can own and manage themselves using familiar web based management tools, is a collective creation of many years of experience in both the Clubs industry and communications and IT specialities. The decision to bring arguably one of Australia’s most successful and innovative application development companies with a track record of delivering challenging app projects to market has ensured that that the Clubs ALIVE! mobile phone app will become and continue to be the leading Clubs specific mobile app as technologies evolve, markets change and members behaviour becomes more sophisticated.

Clubs have never been in a more competitive marketplace to encourage members through their front doors. The many years of tried and tested marketing initiatives delivered by Clubs is desperately in need of new and creative edge. Never before have Clubs had the ability to communicate directly with their members in a way that is now facilitated by the massive uptake of mobile communication technologies. The smart phone has revolutionised the way we communicate and it is time for Clubs to get on-board and move some of those marketing campaigns out to the device that sits in their members pocket.