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For any application to be successful, it must deliver users what they want or need.


Club Info

The Club Info screen welcomes the user and displays all the crucial information about your venue.
Linking with social media is a key factor of the Clubs ALIVE! application, and is even incorporated on this screen with members able to ‘check in’ to the venue via Facebook.
Users can also browse through images of the club and view its main dining room, pokies room, kids room and bar.
A short blurb describes the venue, while its phone number, email and website address is listed – with users able to click on the information to contact the venue directly. The address section is linked with maps and allows users to ask or directions.

Member Log In

If your venue manages its member database electronically via a server members will be able to create an account and log in through the application.
Once logged in their name, member number and points balance will be displayed. For the rewards section and points balance to be utilised by users, the venue will need to have a server-based member database.


Promoting special events is easier with the Clubs ALIVE! application. As events are planned they can be uploaded into the app via the management portal.
On the first screen users will see a list of upcoming events with a bright graphic, event name and date.
Upon clicking on an event, the user is taken into the listing which displays images, date and time, ticket/admission info, a short blub, contact details and address details.


The promotions section is where you can keep members in touch with regular events at the club such as ‘Two T-Bones Tuesday’, or ‘Happy Hour’ at 5pm-6pm weekdays.
This is also where venues can promote their Pay Per View games in the sports bar, and even opening nights for refurbished rooms or restaurants.
Members can be notified of the promotions via push notifications.


This is where the user can find their membership card as well as vouchers they have received for events such as birthdays or competitions.
It is also the section which will house tickets for events at the club, items and gift vouchers they have purchased in the rewards section.


Imagine your members being able to browse a catalogue of items to spend their rewards points on from the palm of their hand. With the Clubs ALIVE! application they can.
Managed through the portal, items can be stocked by a number of suppliers and include items such as iPads, appliances, gift vouchers, meal vouchers, sporting goods, and travel vouchers.
Members can use their existing points to purchase an item, with a voucher moving across to their wallet and their points balance adjusted. Once claimed from the venue, the voucher is removed.

Push Notifications

This is where the Clubs ALIVE! application is most exciting for venues. Imagine being able to send out a message to members which you know will be read.
Push notifications are managed through the portal and can be sent to all member when required, but can also be filtered to target people in specific groups.
In the example of the ‘Kids Eat Half Price’ promotion, management can select to send the notification to women only in a certain age range. This will minimise members being overwhelmed with notifications which are not relevant to them.

The Menu

The menu is at the very heart of a good smartphone app. Designed the menu to be easy to navigate, the menu allows your members to find the information they are looking for straight away. All of the key menu items are visible for simple access to information with a minimum of fuss. Simple and intuitive so your members can start using the app straight away.

The Management Portal

Delivering marketing campaigns needs to be creative, easy to manage and measureable. Your central core is the Clubs ALIVE! Management Portal. Just log in to create campaigns, send push notifications or make changes to your club app. The Management Portal is also your source of analytical information so you can measure your efforts and decide which of your promotions work and which ones need to be left alone. You manage your own app.